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Thursday, March 30, 2006 

Caption Contest - An afternoon delight

Tried to stay away from a sports picture for the afternoon but couldn't resist this one, which depicts what must be an athlete engaging in a fierce eating competition...and anytime you're wearing a helmet while eating (I've only done it a few times), you've got to be one of the top ranked. Have at it...

Just got word from a very reliable source that 'Nique just got the call that he made the Hall of Fame. Great Day for Atlanta sports.

I'll have the 16 pound burger with cheese, two shovel fulls of french fries, a stack of pickles, 28 apples pies....... and a diet coke.

Sorry. That one blew.

Damn it...I said Diet Coke.

After failing to pay for his meal, Ed was involved in a low speed chase.

1 Fat Midget + 1 White Castle Burger = High Comedy

After getting rejected in his attempt for an NBA comeback, a sphelt Shawn Kemp drowns his sorrows in his usual Monday afternoon snack.

Ethiopian wet dream.

Halfway through his meal, Al Roker leans back and says "Shitstorm Katrina's coming, and this levee won't hold."

Bill Lester overindulges after time trials and consumes mass quantities of food after becoming the first black guy to qualify for a Nascar event in over 20 years

The helmet he's wearing isn't actually for protection, but to keep the fat rolls of his head from getting in the way of his eating.

Reggie Ball looking to bulk up in the off season.

I am going to treat myself to a NO DNA special..I feel sorry for my teammates.

Those crackas sure know how to throw a party!!

Tyrone Biggums....before crack.

What a fat fuck!

What a fat fuck!

Where's the beef?

Rumor has it the Wad is going to Vegas this weekend. It should be a good story on Monday, if he makes it back. Do your uncles still run that town?

Best regards from NY! film editing schools

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