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Friday, March 24, 2006 

Caption Contest

Here you go boys. This will be much funnier for the Tech folks:

Above are 4 players from the Chicago Bulls watching as their team takes control of the opening tip...can you pick out the rookie in his first game?

Kirk H, under his breath: "Would someone tell this Aussie, 10-day contract, never-shoulda-beaten Kansas motherfucker to sit down, we're only up 2-0"

In a wonderful gesture, the Chicago Bulls recently conducted "Retarded Adults Night" and allowed this Retarded Adult to even put on a uniform. Class move by the Bulls.

Hey, it could be worse... they could have signed Alvin Jones.

Erik Piatkowski thinks to himself: "they signed this Ronald McDonald look-a-like and I'm stil the 12th man? I guess it really is over!"

Somewhere overseas B.J. Elder is heard saying "what the f**k?"

Trying to be liked by his new teammates, Rookie Luke Schenscher gives Eric Piatkowski the customary Australian sign for "hello" of farting directly in ones face.

Looks like Hinrich already smells it.

The NBA's version of affirmative action leads to some odd results.

Holy shit, when are they going to figure out that I'm terrible? Go Bulls.

Fan with the finger: "HOLY SHIT we've gone from Jordan to Schenscher I'm gonna go drink some kool-aid WHO'S WITH ME?"

Finally......Luke Schenscher has a posse!

"Yes!! In the face!! This is my favorite part of the game."

Scott Skiles quits as coach of Chicago after the Bulls PR department overstepped it's boundaries on Luck Longley night

Fan behind Schenscher: "Luuuuuuke...sit down you are blocking my view."

Do you think all those enginerds from Tech will hate on me because they know that while they have shitty jobs I am in the NBA getting all the booty I can manage?

From newsoftheweird.com:

Readers' Choice
Police in a Columbus, Ohio, suburb arrested Alan Patton, 54, outside a movie theater restroom in February and later listened to him describe in detail his unusual behavior. According to police, Patton is obsessed with collecting and consuming the urine of young boys, which he said he has done for over 40 years. "I like it because it makes me closer to them like I'm drinking their youth." His modus operandi is to shut off a urinal's flush water, wait for a boy to finish, and then gather up the urine. "Listening to him describe it," said one detective, "it's like listening to a crack or cocaine addict. He's addicted to children's urine." [WCMH-TV (Columbus), 2-21-06]

Just another one of those crazy Ohio Bush-voters that decided the election. Thanks buddy.

Oh, and snaps to Rock, after all of his ridiculous posts earlier, he comes back and totally redeems himself with the 'Coming to America' caption. Well done.

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