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Monday, March 27, 2006 

Monday Musings...Abbreviated version

Not much time this morning, so here's an abbreviated version of the Musings:

- If this were a VHI Behind The Music, we could only pray that this was Rock Bottom for College Basketball. Seriously, with 2 SEC schools, a mid-major, and a team that scored 50 points in a Regional Final all making the Final Four, there can be no doubt that the talent pool has been diluted to disastrous proportions. I saw L.S.U. live and in color on Saturday, and they are just as bad in person as they were on T.V. Yes, they play great defense...well, so long as the refs swallow their whistles...but, offensively they are a complete disaster. Big Baby, at least, is a ton of fun to watch. Not to mention, he may have single handedly made Rudy Gay the first pick in the draft. I don't care how LaMarcus Aldridge works out for NBA Teams, it's going to be tough to erase the memory of his soft ass performance on Saturday.

- Speaking of soft ass performances from Saturday, I learned that my "The Final Eight is one of the most exciting events in all of sports" statement needs a major caveat. In other words, it should go a little something like this, "the Final Eight is one of the most exciting events in all of sports, unless the majority of the fans in the building are SEC fans." Seriously, if you don't care then just stay home. Not until the final two minutes of regulation did anybody in the building seem to care. I mean, my buddy Dave and I were probably the two most excited people in the building, and we didn't really care who won! Very sad.

- One last thing about Saturday. I've started a new tradition. Not caring who won on Saturday, but knowing that I was going to the game, and that I've been looking for an excuse to buy a Texas hat ever since Vince Young went all nutty in the Rose Bowl, I stopped by Lids at Lennox and pimped a new Texas hat and t-shirt($6.99 @ Champs - how could I not buy it) to the game. Let's just say that it made for some good comedy on the MARTA train and in the stands. There was nothing better than the embarrassingly drunk L.S.U. fan behind me trying to taunt me when L.S.U. would do something good (I use the term "good" as loosely as possible), and me just turning around and saying "dude, that was awesome. That guy is the man." This confused him so badly that he ultimately resorted to trying to be my friend. He even went as far as to tell me that he had offered to lick my (Texas's) cheerleaders' sweat off the floor. Now, I found that disturbing, but not as disturbing as the fact that not more than 3 minutes later he was talking to someone on his cell phone and he said, "daddy loves you. Geaux Tigers. Put Mommy back on the phone." Gross.

- Okay, one quick comment on the officiating in the NCAA Tournament. Everybody knows where I stand on it, but I want to make sure that I'm clear about it. It's been bad all around, and it's not like the refs are intentionally favoring one team over another (well, with the possible exception of the palming call late in the George Mason/UConn game - ARE YOU KIDDING ME???), but the apparent decision to evidently call NO fouls in this tournament has certainly allowed teams like L.S.U. and Florida to take full advantage of their athleticism, size, and over aggressiveness. The problem with this type of officiating, however, is that you take what is already an average product (current state of college basketball) and you turn it into a re-creation of the Knicks/Heat rivalry and make it un-watchable.

- Finally, I hope you caught Ed Bradley's interview with Tiger last night. I saw the first half and it was truly entertaining. Tiger is an animal. He doesn't just want to win, he wants to rip your heart out and embarrass you in the process. That's why he's the greatest athlete not named Jordan of our life times. I hope everything starts going better with his Pops and we can see Tiger chase number 5 in two weeks at Augusta.

8 clap.

The Wad's wet dreamworld:

Jordan and the Bulls win 70 games a season and every series (no worse than 4-2).

Tiger shoots at least 10 under or whatever it takes to win every tournament.

JJ Redick and Duke go undefeated the entire season.

The Colts... nevermind, we'll pretend the Wad really doesn't have manlove for Peyton.

If you showed that picture of Earl Woods to 100 people and asked them what he is thinking, 99 would answer "I have cancer." I can't believe that's the best picture you could find, how about one from Tiger winning the Masters, or any other happy time.

I nominate this chick for Wadmate of the Year:


- Currently the #1 ranked singles tennis player
- A 4.0 GPA
- You know the 3rd point

Good point Fite. TERRIBLE choice on my part. I think this new one is better. I can't find one of the Masters Bear Hug, but if you see it out there, send me the link and we'll use that one.

I love it...if there are no Big East or ACC teams in the Final 4....there is a conspiracy out there. They should have stepped up their games and won....the others wanted it more

George Mason - 2006 National Champions. Could we officially call this a down year for mens D1 basketball?

I am dissapointed that the WAD felt the need to completely ignore one of the greatest underdog stories of all time in George Mason. Ok so their coach isnt bobby cremins and the WAD hasnt picked up any towels for anyone on the team, but I guess I expected to see the WAD on all fours barking like a dog for Coach Larranigga and boys. SPeaking of which, how can you pick Tigers Dad over the coach for man of the week. Is the WAD getting soft over there? I think I should have saw it coming when George from Greys took home the honor three weeks ago

And why is there a picture of Tiger with Muhammid Ali with glasses on the front?

Whoever said Hasselhoff wasn't man enough to beat his wife?


And for those of you who want to play some blackjack at the casino pool, here you go:


Where are you gonna get drunk these days??? Sorry for the navigation request but click on the Drunken Driving video...som beaches!!


How dangerous would it be to sit at the poker table and ring up a football bet on one of those Star-Trek devices? I mean if you have to walk up to the counter, at least you have to verbally announce to someone your idiotic wager and lay down the actual cash. This thing is like a video game- very dangerous. So who wants to go to Vegas when they bring these puppies out?

The Wad has a list of maybe 3 people in each sport that deserve to win. The rest only sometimes win because of shitty officiating, diluted talent pools, and inept coaching. Except golf and basketball, where only 1 result is ever deserving.

Hold on a minute. Nobody is saying anything about any conspiracy or anything like that. I'm just simply saying that because of the way the games are officiated (no holds barred) any identifiable difference in talent or basketball I.Q. has been negated, and every game seems to be simply a slugfest. It's not an accident that nearly every game of this tournament has come down to the wire. If both teams are allowed to grab, hold, and hack with impugnity, how is one team supposed to run away from another?

the most disturbing thing i've read in a long time:


kid tries to live in wal-mart for spring break:


"A small Easter display was removed from the City Hall lobby on Wednesday out of concern that it would offend non-Christians," the Associated Press reports from St. Paul, Minn.:

The display--a cloth Easter bunny, pastel-colored eggs and a sign with the words "Happy Easter"--was put up by a City Council secretary. They were not purchased with city money.

Tyrone Terrill, the city's human rights director, asked that the decorations be removed.

Well, this certainly makes sense. After all, everyone knows the Easter Bunny is a Christian symbol, which has no place in the public square in St. Paul, a city named after--uh, we've forgotten. Does anyone know where St. Paul got its name?


No mention of the Sopranos??? I guess you're saving it for "Television Tuesday." I don't know about you, but I'm excited about where the show is heading.

You are dead on. Definitely expect some Sopranos talk tomorrow. And, yes, I too am really excited about where things are headed.

Is the Wad watching Big Love? I'm about to stop watching it, not so great.

Entourage is HBO's best.

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