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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

Caption Contest

I don't even know where to begin! Have fun.

Every man in Augusta shared the same reaction when Amy Mickelson, a known swinger, mistakenly used Augusta National's P.A. system to renew her prescription for penicillin.

"Wooooooooah Philly! I love it when you stick that thing my way! Yea C'mon!"

ESPN's new drama, "Broke Back 9"

I remember this from last time...but this time take off your rings before the reach around.

Hey Tiger!...my friend has space for one more.

Does anyone else wonder where The WAD keeps finding these 'alternative lifestyle' focused pictures? And since that is apparently the theme, can I suggest that the 'Brokeback' jokes are tired?

1. In the latest craze to hit the PGA tour, Phil Mickelson chants "OH" after sinking a shot, and the crowd responds "OH OH OH" with their best "oh" face.

2. Who said rockstars are the only ones that can have "sex tapes"?

3. Rapidly approaching Cal Ripken's streak, the Wad has now strung together 1,345 consecutive Caption Contests with some sort of homosexual innuendo.

"Oh baby, when you talk like that you make a woman go mad...Ahhhh, I'm on tonight...my hips don't lie"

"Now that I've won three Majors, I can do anything. For my next trick I'll shoot a golf ball out of my ass and into that guy's mouth. Head's up Seamus!"

The Wad put on his invisible man outfit and gave Phil an hour of love. Then, still going like the energizer bunny, he spent another 15 minutes on the caddy.

Phil may be the Masters Champion, but Jerry rules the "Butts Up" court.

"I'm going to pee on you...gonna piss on you..."

When Jack Bauer teed off on one, the sonic boom generated by his swing fucked up everyone's world.

"Ooooohhh my God that putt was soooo close"

With declining ratings at the Masters, Phil Mickeleson starts a new tradition unlike any other to garner new watchers

Evidently Augusta doesnt want women, but homosexuals are more then welcome

Always a crowd pleaser at the Masters...Phil does his impression of white people after the OJ verdict.

Here's a picture of Phil and some other jackass after I started telling jokes. Tiger isn't in the picture, he didn't think they were as funny.

So this Professional Golfer and a tour volunteer go up to this producer of an old Vaudeville-style theatre and say, do we have an act for you. So the producer says, what's your act? So Phil say, it's great. On the 18th green of Augusta, I'll bend over, and shoot explosive diarrhea into his mouth. Tour Volunteer will gargle the diarrhea, and then french kiss my 4 year old daughter...who then proceeds to spray, in a shoot the boot type manner, diarrhea all over the unsuspecting gallery. The producer says, "That's awful....what do you call this act?" Phil says, "The Aristocrats!!!" (Ta-da)

Well, looks like we have a landslide winner in Kuhn. Absolutely hilarious. If you haven't seen the movie, then this quote probably just seems plain wrong to you...well you should be ashamed of yourself and go see one of the funniest (and obviously most vulgar) movies I've seen in quite some time.

The diet that has earned him his world renowned "Mickelson's" has proven to be a double-edged sword as Phil is rarely able to pass gas without shitting his pants.

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Getting this Laker team into the playoffs is the best coaching job Phil has ever done. Now he can list "The WAD" Man of the Week right next to his 9 rings on his list of accomplishments. Is there any reason for him to keep going?

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