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Friday, April 14, 2006 

D. Wade vs. King James

I don’t know if I was more excited to hear that Jeffrey Maier is now the all time hit leader at Wesleyan College (not the girls’ school in Macon), that Ed Nelson is leaving UConn early for the NFL (no, that’s not a typo!), or that Theresa is finally returning to The O.C. next Wednesday night with Ryan’s baby? As soon as I figure it out, I’ll let you know. As we stare into this weekend, we are faced with the stark reality that there are simply no compelling sporting events this weekend. While this is horrifying on several levels, it might actually be a good thing. We can take this weekend to catch our breath, stuff ourselves on Easter dinner, and get revved up for the NBA Playoffs. That’s right folks, the next big event on the calendar is the two month odyssey known as the NBA Playoffs. As I said yesterday, if you aren’t excited, it’s time to get yourself fired up. The NBA is back, and this post-season promises to be electrifying. In an attempt to get you excited, I’m taking a minute today to give you a quick break down of one of the most compelling MVP races in recent memory. Last year’s MVP vote was the fourth closest ever, and this year is almost certain to be closer.

The biggest reason this vote is certain to be close is that there are so many worthy candidates. For example, it’s not hard to make a case for Elton Brand, Dirk, Artest (yes, even in half a season!), Kobe, A.I., and last year’s winner, Steve Nash. While all these guys have meant a tremendous amount to their teams, I think the race comes down to the two guys I’ve started collectively referring to as “The Future.” I, of course, am referring to D. Wade and King James. Before I give you my choice, let’s take a look at their credentials:

D. Wade
Look at these numbers: 27.5 pts/game, 5.8 boards, 6.8 assists, 3.5 T.O.’s, and he’s shooting 49.7% from the field. I can’t remember a guard putting up numbers like this, especially the shooting percentage, since, well, M.J. No, I’m not saying D. Wade is M.J., but I’m saying that he’s pretty amazing. Aside from just the numbers, when you talk about Wade you have to talk about the intangibles. Nobody plays harder than this guy. On a night in, night out basis he busts his ass harder than anybody else in the league, with the possible exception of A.I. Not to mention, very few guys, if any, make their team better when they are on the floor than Wade. Don’t believe me? Well, take a peak at 82games.com (one of the best sites on the web for hoops junkies), and you will find that when Wade is on the floor, the Heat are outscoring their opponents by an average of 8 points. In the minutes he’s off the floor, the Heat score an average of 7.8 points LESS than their opponents. For all you math whizzes, that’s a difference of 15.8 points when Wade is on the floor and when he’s on the bench. Any questions?

If Wade’s numbers are sick, Lebron’s are down right frightening: 31.6 pts/game, 6.6 assists, 7.1 rebounds, 3.3 T.O.’s, and 48% from the field. Unbelievable. Listen, there’s nothing I can say about Lebron that hasn’t already been said. All I will say is that when God created Lebron, he created the perfect combination of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. No need to read that sentence again, it says what you think it says. The truth is that I’m scared of Lebron. Why am I scared? I’m scared because he might be so good that one day I have to admit that he is better than M.J. and is in fact the greatest player of all time. We certainly aren’t there yet, but I’m already interviewing therapist to help me deal with this if it happens.

And The MVP Is…..

Lebron. I love D. Wade, and I love Lebron. By picking on one, I feel like I’m cheating on the other, but somebody’s got to win. After breaking down their credentials, and trying to find someway to distinguish between these guys, my decision comes down to one thing, and one thing only: Wade and the Heat are second in the Eastern Conference and he gets to play with Shaq in the middle. Lebron and the Cavs are third in the Eastern Conference and he gets to play with Zydrunas Ilgauskas in the middle! Advantage Lebron. At the end of the day, however, the real question is whether either of these young stars will be playing well into June. Well, we start learning the answer as the playoffs get underway next week. Rest up this weekend so you’ll be able to keep up.

So, that's another week in the books. I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and Passover, and I'll see you again on Monday. Till then...

While I will agree that the NBA is starting to hit it's stride, there is nothing more exciting that NHL playoff hockey. Granted if your not used to it, you can get a little confused by the little puck, but I would rather watch an overtime Game 1 of the first round of the Stanley Cup first round, then the conference finals against the Heat and the Pistons.

Checking in from Louisiana, and I feel like I've got to give a few captions, as I left town before seeing the great picture:

1. Steve claimed to be packing a 9 iron, but Mickelson knew it wasn't an inch over 4.

2. Mickelson thought he was done getting fucked at major tournaments.

3. Nantz: "That one left a divot."

4. That man knows how to "split the fairway."

5. The price is wrong, bitch.

6. Nantz: "Looks like his last shot rimmed out."

7. After failing to drive past the women's tees, Mickelson pays the piper.

8. In addition to employing the advanced reverse Stableford scoring system, the San Francisco open also penalizes players who putt from the rough.

9. Not only did he win the green jacket, but he also got the matching gimp mask.

Great picture, although I wonder what websites Shalls looks at all day.

I think it's bullshit that Fite can enter captions late. Who does he think he is, Nate Robinson?

Elton called and thanked me for getting him into the Wad MVP discussion.

The NHL and NBA are great for one reason, and baseball to an extent for the same. You don't have to watch a single game all the regular season, just the playoffs, and you don't miss a thing.

You should have seen the other picture I sent him.....

I'm not scared of Fite. Throw it up there. Let's do a Friday caption contest. Who are we kidding, no one is doing jack shit today.

Bill Simmons picked me!

I was definitely of the opinion that Kuhn stole the show yesterday, but my stomach is hurting from laughing at some of Fite's work from today. Great job by everybody. I would put up Shalloway's other picture, but I don't want to be the first "blogger" every cited by the FCC. Trust me, it's best for everybody. That being said, if you've seen something funny, send it my way and I will throw it up for you die-hards.

As for Bill Simmons picking Kobe, I can't argue with him. Kobe is deserving, but he already won The WAD Man of the Week. That should be enough for him don't you think?

Big ups to stats for improving his fantasy baseball score by over 12% in one day. Outstanding.

I'm pretty pumped because I improved 2 points yesterday, and I've got Schills on the mound tonight.

By the way, for those of you interested in the great Scott Rolen/Chone Figgins controversy of 2006, here's how it's breaking down so far:

Rolen: .371, 2 H.R.'s, 12 RBI, 6 Runs, & 2 SB;

Figgins: .286, 0 H.R.'s, 3 RBI, 7 Runs, & 1 SB;

I know it's early, and I'm not claiming vindication, but I'm just saying that it's a very very bad idea to drink Jobu's rum!

Also, I had meant to work this into the column but forgot, if you missed PTI yesterday, you missed one of the best lines I've heard in a while. Dan Lebetard was sitting in for Wilbon, and he and Kornheiser were sounding off about Shawn Kemp's failed comeback when Lebetard let off this gem:

"I don't understand how you can continue to gain weight when you have cocaine issues, daily exercise, and apparently have lots of sex!"

Lebetard needs his own show, and I'm starting the campaign right here, right now!

I know this is totally out of left field, but how sweet is Miami Vice going to be this summer? If it's half of what Heat and Collateral were, this movie is going to kick so much ass.

www.miamivice.com ... I'm kinda pissed they didn't put the original song on the trailer

i think D wade is one of the top players that is trying his hardis in the games dont get me wrong king james he is to but to be for real i dont know i think that d wade is one that would win king james could win to but d wade is my favierit player there is nothen in my mine but this D wade is one of the top five i am going to list them
1. Dwade
2.king james
5.deandre perry wich is me in about 4 years.
they our the top ones now to get this off my back d wade can put a hurting on u very badly he duck on yow that is hard to do just think about it d wade is 6"4 king james is 6"8 and he can duck on him badly james can do the same the only thing im saying d wade could win so im going wit him and no im not done he is a king to i just dont know whos better but we will find out soon but till then im goin wit d wade i mean look d wade is a good player and king james is a good player but some one is better and i think it is d wade thats all im satyin i could be wrong i got both of there it is hard to say

I think that king James would win because he is my faveret b-ball play. I like the way he dunks and like the way he plays too. I think of that because he is playing for a lang time time. I like both of you guys but I have to pick one of you guy to win the game. I think that king james is taller than D wad and king james is faster than d wade. #23 is going to win big time. king james is going to dunk all over d wadeand shoot those threes all day too.

yea it is me again i am sure who would win d wade i met him im sure i saw him play

i think that D wade will win cause he is a nigga and james a nigga to but it is hard to do re menber deandre

d wade will put some thing on king james and i think he is a billy

i think that d wade is the one who will win he have pwower and it is a boi who sioad he will suck king james fat dick

and the last one i siad i will suck king james fat dick and my name is josh

but come on me and d wade is the smae i will be back to typ more


My mom siad hey king james. she likes the way you play too. you are my best player in the warld.


i am goin to the nba k see u there d wade rember me deandre

n b, as

to be real i think that wade should be a king to dont get me wrong but he is a lil better in ways but till they meet head o head then we will find out who is the best in the nba till then im goin wit wade and yes it is me deandre perry and im at school go wade u can win

yea it is me again i call d wade king wade did u see when he dunk on kobe it was the nastyes think i ever saw then he gave him a look it was wrong but the reasan why i pick king wade because he is a graet player d wade can dunk,shoot,free tho,lay ups,creactivetly dont get me wrong james is one of the top five but all im sayin is james and wade is bad comanation i really dont know who would win

and for josh suck my 10icn dick bich now by and have a nice day

i mean bicth

If you want to talk to me see meon black planet D_p08 im out 1

Best regards from NY!
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